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Ekaterina Maltseva Architectural Laboratory

Renovation of the river cargo port, Novosibirsk


Ekaterina Maltseva


The concept of the project.


The projected area is located on the central part of Novosibirsk, where the historic city center. Boundaries of the projected areas are the West-Siberian railway, dam Dmitrovsky bridge, bank Ob river. Land area within the boundaries of the design is 71 ga.

The main problem to be solved in the project are as follows:

Providing the "exit" of the city to the river - the creation of additional traffic and pedestrian links across the West - Siberian railway.

Formation of socially significant complexes with a service function and recreational and entertainment for people.

Functional zoning: exhibition and business functions, entertainment, sport and recreation, building on their basis of complex mixed-use complexes.

  Complication context territory by planning reception "checkerboard" structure.

Using a single modular grid.

120 x 120 meters - for the structuring of transport and regional infrastructure.

15 x 15 meters - for the structuring of buildings, roads and land improvement.

Creating a green buffer on the waterfront windproof Ob River, which plays the role of protection of wind and snow in winter and a factor of protection against overheating in the hot summer months.

The combination of open and protected spaces - squares, through the "Pushing" public facilities in the structure of the park.

Organization of the museum and historical complex in the reconstruction of architectural monuments of industrial heritage, the preservation of certain objects of the river port. Cargo cranes - renovations under observation platforms under the cableway.

     Create a new prominent dominant, "Lighthouse" - a cultural center that includes a multipurpose concert hall, cinema, video, clubs, restaurant, rehearsal area, exhibition space, a winter garden, outdoor observation deck, and others. Space object also has a modular structure of 7,5 x 7,5 x 7,5 m. The plan is a square 75 x 75 meters.

Near there is a building which includes a health club functions as well as a water park and aquarium.

The space between the buildings of the Musical  complex and Sport complex - water park connected formal single idea: modular geometric transformation.

Creation of various scenarios of foot walking.

Improvement of the valley of the river, construction of new pedestrian crossings, the waterfront and theaters on the beach.

Thus, this site can be viewed as a center for organizing music festivals, performances, and place the rest of citizens with a view of the river valley.


What we do:

  • Exploratory design, concept design
  • Architectural designing of inhabited, public buildings and constructions
  • Constricting of private houses
  • Design of interiors
  • Computer simulation
  • Managing projects, architectural supervision


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