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Ekaterina Maltseva Architectural Laboratory

A new amorphous

Ekaterina Maltseva


A modern public building associated with fashion stores must meet personality, flexibility and recognizability requirements.

Tehran, as a huge megalopolis, gives rise to a lot of cultures and trends, all of which are interrelated with each other and together constitute a whole.


The multistorey building has the amorphous polyline structure. The lattice motif, which is intrinsic to the functional architecture, runs through the building. Thus, the plan is based on the square geometry. The structural supports – intersections of blocks – are located at internal axes; however their position is not attached to severe constraints.  In this way, the spatially active and permeable lattice means presence of the structure in the overall design. The grid in this project becomes a materialization of the speculative notion of a thoroughly proportionated frame of reference, which is a multilayered one – by the number of floors. Our grid filled and projected to the facade makes the facade plastically active; some parts protrude in the form, other group into gaps. The building let us enjoy their complexity and calculated unpredictability of the growing grid.

The translucent glass used as barrier and misalignment of vertical lines convey an impression of “nature-likeness” and improvisatory nature of the facility. The zigzag line of the facade accentuates the silhouette of the mountains situated near the building.


    The main advantages of this facility:

   - The interior space is designed to ensure organization of visitors' movement through the ring pattern.

   - Free-pattern planning capability

   - Maximally functional staff allocation.

   - Additional entrances for efficient placement and delivery of goods.

- Elevators and staircases are very comfortable both to staff and visitors and enable quick evacuation in case of emergency.

   - Underground parking enabling fast car placement, two car elevators for space saving. 


What we do:

  • Exploratory design, concept design
  • Architectural designing of inhabited, public buildings and constructions
  • Constricting of private houses
  • Design of interiors
  • Computer simulation
  • Managing projects, architectural supervision


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